Medicaid Waver services​
​Residential/Day Training
Medically Fragile Residential Services
Centered Based Day Training
​Non-Centered Day Training 



RESIDENTIAL SERVICES  CLS is a licensed service provider under the Medicaid Waiver program. We provide services to individuals that have not been able to participate in community based programs due to challenging medical issues and/or behavioral concerns.      

Medically Fragile Individuals who require special services such as tube feedings (G tubes), tracheotomy care and mobility difficulties can live a rewarding and full life within the community and not in a nursing home.   

Behavioral services addressing the behavioral needs of individuals with challenging maladaptive behaviors is a area that we specialize in. Through our combined experiences working with challenging behaviors CLS has been able to maintain many clients in the community who otherwise have been allowed to fail in other placements. This is not to say that for some individuals with extreme issues a more restrictive setting might be required.

​Centered Based Day Training CLS's Centered based day training program is located at our Waynesboro building.The focus of this program will be but not limited to the following services:Communication and language (total communication approach)Money skills, Functional learning skills, Safety skills, Socialization, Relaxation training, Physical improvement and Community Acquisition.

​Non-Centered Day Training is a community based program employing the natural environment as the training local. The services focus on vocational training, with the emphasis on housekeeping activities. The individuals assist in the community with simple housekeeping tasks under the supervision of a CLS training instructor. The instructor's role is to support the individual with direction, supervision and intervene when stress and other behavioral issues arise .

Non-Waiver Services If your individual is not receiving services through the Virginia medicaid waiver program but is in need of services and you have a funding source including individuals residing out of state or if you have the resources to provide private funding contact us directly for additional information.  

Advocacy has always been a major function of the Executive Directors at CLS, if you feel that you need assistance in finding appropriate services for your individual or are unable to get answers to your questions CLS is here to provide help and direction.